More Than 1 Million Total Properties

550,964 Weeks in 6,759 Resorts

900+ Luxury Vacation Homes

300,000+ New Home Inventory

7,758 Car Rental Locations

500+ Car Rental Brands

146,821 Activities

2,200+ Golf Courses

15K+ Cruise Sailings

39 US Gifts Cards

• 8 UK
• 7 MX
• 8 Canada
• 7 Australia

Why Bleu Key

This exclusive membership is a private platform that, unlike the public ones, our business is in the sale of memberships, not in the utility in the increase in the price of the service. We transfer the cost we get for you.

If you are an experienced traveler, we guarantee you save money and time.

We offer the lowest prices on the market up to 40% annual savings on your travel expense GUARANTEED, and also superior service by being able to control your own travel agency from your home or office, without having to confirm your trip in 3 or 4 different platforms. Consolidate your trips on a single platform and save time.

You save money every time you stay at a hotel, when you rent a car or take a cruise with your new membership. We guarantee you will not find a better price anywhere else.

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How We Deliver The Greatest Savings On Travel?

  • We negotiate wholesale rates through a network of travel providers.
  • We receive live hotel inventory and rates directly from the hotels.
  • We pass the savings directly to our members.
  • We show a live comparison of other websites.
  • We provide a 110% Best Price Guarantee.

We have put together a helpful member guide located in the “My Account” section. This guide provides everything you need to know about your membership and its benefits. You will find important items below to keep in mind when exploring your new travel membership.

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As a member of Bleu Key, you have access to our collection of destination hotels, resort, theme and exclusive hotels with more than 2 million hotels in 45,000 destinations in more than 205 countries with savings of up to 70% off.

Besides receiving on your platform, additional benefits on airline rates, car rental, cruises, apartments, luxury villas, golf courses, yachts, sailboats, cruises along the main rivers of the world, world tours and activities in each destination.

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