Hotelito Desconocido

Essence is the commitment to achieve the perfect balance between the comfort of our guests and care of the natural wealth that surrounds us.

  • Hotelito counts with two of the most prestige restaurants of all the coast, so we recommend you visit them, with them counting with magnificent and unique sun sets, the relax sound of the ocean waves, it inspires in the traditional Mexican folk, concentrating on abundance and the fresh flavors of the sea.
  • We recommend you visit the spa where you will be able to find and enjoy exclusive treatments including talasoterapia rituals, bubble beds, temazcal, and waterfalls of water; therapeutic massages and organic facial treatments.
  • You may also ask when is the season of freeing the baby turtles so you and your loved ones can experience helping mother nature with these little creatures.
  • The hotel also counts with cooking classes that can help you bring home wonderful recipes form this unique hotel.

Hotelito Mío Hotel Partner

Deserted beach, natural spaces and large doses of Hotelito mio idyllic paradise.

  • Perfect hotel for releasing stress.
  • Enjoy water sports like double kayaking and snorkeling.
  • Be sure to try the Aguachile, seafood linguine and homemade red snapper ceviche.
  • Enjoy the afternoon with a carrot or tamarindo martini.
  • Enjoy a boat trip around the bay, as well as a walk in to the Quimixto waterfalls.
  • Do not forget sandals so you can go to the beach when you go by boat.
  • This hotel can only be reached by boat. Transportation is at Boca de Tomatlan (the village) the hotel will send the boat when you indicate. Transportation is 10 minutes approx. to Quimixto Beach and a 8 minute short walk from there to the hotel. For this is why we recommended using comfortable shoes or sandals.


On a hillside overlooking the ocean with a panoramic view of the mountains deep in the Valle del Sierra Madre Occidental. Carved out of the lush Mexican jungle, it is remote and secluded, but still offers all the amenities for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

  • You can enjoy and explore all different kinds of activities around this beautiful hotel like all day hiking or fishing and the Verana kitchen will pack a picnic lunch to take along with you on any of these activities and make them more comfortable for you.
  • We recommend the yoga retreat where you will be able to disconnect from the daily routines and connect with you inner self and making you leave all that stress behind.
  • The Verana kitchen offers cooking classes so we recommend you enjoy a wonderful evening learning all those delicious recipes they offer.
  • If you enjoy boat rides we suggest you take a nice boat ride and go whale watching it will be an experience you will for sure enjoy being so close to these wonderful sea creatures.

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